Frequently Asked Questions

Which technology standard does the system use?
The system is based on the Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial 2 (DVB-T2) platform which uses the MPEG-4 compression standard.
How is the system secured?
There is a Network Operation Centre (NOC) which is in charge of operation and maintenance of the whole system. It is equipped with network supervision system, remote monitoring and control system to carry out real time monitoring of the running status of all departments.
Moreover, all key devices of the system have been designed with backup to avoid interruption of digital signal transmission and negative influence on system operation. Main devices of the head end transmitters are equipped with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) which will ensure the system’s continuous and stable operation.
Which areas are covered by the signal?
What are the benefits of the DVB-T2 platform to Content suppliers?
The platform will provide content suppliers with stable and reliable transmission services, accurate conditional access control and accurate billing.
What are the benefits of the DVB-T2 platform to Viewers?
Viewers can enjoy the DTV services on their household TVs and handheld small screen terminals like mobile phones.
Why migrate the DVB-T2 platform?
Digital TV broadcasting is poised to offer higher spectrum efficiency, better picture quality and clearer sound. Consequently, more broadcasting channels will be available offering a wider array of choice to consumers, interactive (red button) services can be provided; there will be access to electronic programming guides (EPG) and games etc.