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Pan-Africa Network Group is one of the two licensed Broadcasting Signal Distributors in Kenya (Operational Since October 2011).

  • Pan-Africa Network Group offer Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) platform all around Kenya, having 23 sites across the country covering over 75% of the Kenyan population.

  • With the investment of over 35Million USD in the network infrastructure ,PANG has been in the forefront in helping new and existing content providers carry out their broadcasting services with high spectrum efficiency ,coupled with enhanced picture and sound quality.


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Pang-Africa Network Group (Kenya) Co., Ltd specializes in the following services

Fixed-receive DTV Broadcast

Transmission of audio and video by digitally processed and multiplexed signal. supports more than one program in the same channel bandwidth.

Digital Signal Distribution

The main network for the broadcast and delivery of television signals in Kenya. Enhance the viewing experience for their intended market

System Integration

Get a broadcast management solution that embraces all of the varied delivery platforms at the core of your offering

Playout System

A unified broadcast management system where traffic, programming and billing closely synced and incorporating a complete OTT toolset.

Digital broadcasting Consulting

Consultation for Digital broadcasting infrastructure and analogue to digital television migration. Advise on digital broadcasting best practices.

Real-time Viewership Count

Our real-time ratings technology provides the industry with information on the audience every minute of the broadcasting window.


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  • West TV Imani TV, Times TV, Namba One TV, Sayare TV, BHB TV, Maajabu TV, Meru TV, Tandao TV, Covenant TV Network, VOV TV, NURU TV, Western Nyota TV, Capuchin TV, Raia TV, Mahdi TV, Al-Huda TV, Destiny TV, Faith TV, VBN TV, Maisha TV, Jambu TV, Farmers TV, Ongatet TV, Kyeni TV, Lolwe TV, The Fifth Estate, Freedom TV, Horizon TV, Royal TV, JCDH TV, Ebru TV, Mwendani TV, End Time TV, Morning Cloud TV, Star TV, Baite TV, Tawala TV, Embu Uvoro TV, Star Africa TV, Pillar TV, Weru TV, Revival TV, JCC TV, Airmobi TV, Shifu TV, Mwangaza TV, Ukombozi TV, TV 47, Sawa TV, HLC TV, Tumaini TV, Kass TV, and Kass FM Goshen Wonders TV, Shiloh TV, Mzalendo TV Aviation TV, Nyumba iitu TV, Shekinah Glory TV, Heaven Bound TV, Stewards TV, M TV, Superflex TV, Niisi TV, Deliverance TV, Truth TV, Jiam Broadcasting Network TV, BTL TV, Gabriel TV, Theophilus TV, Undugu TV, SOA TV, Spirit Realm TV, Elevate TV, Getembe TV, Trinity TV, MIZPAH TV


Frequently Asked Questions

  • PANG offers experience in Television signal distribution

    State of the art equipment

    Call center and aftersales service

    Good Cooperate Governance

    Happy Clients and feedback

  • There is a Network Operation Centre (NOC) which is in charge of operation and maintenance of the whole system. It is equipped with network supervision system, remote monitoring and control system to carry out real time monitoring of the running status of all departments. Moreover, all key devices of the system have been designed with backup to avoid interruption of digital signal transmission and negative influence on system operation. Main devices of the head end transmitters are equipped with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) which will ensure the system’s continuous and stable operation.

  • The system is based on the Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial 2 (DVB-T2) platform which uses the MPEG-4 compression standard.

  • The platform will provide content suppliers with stable and reliable transmission services, accurate conditional access control and accurate billing.

  • Viewers can enjoy the DTV services on their household TVs and handheld small screen terminals like mobile phones.

  • Digital TV broadcasting is poised to offer higher spectrum efficiency, better picture quality and clearer sound. Consequently, more broadcasting channels will be available offering a wider array of choice to consumers, interactive (red button) services can be provided; there will be access to electronic programming guides (EPG) and games etc.

  • Please see the areas covered here


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